Castlegate's state of the art Steel Casting Foundry consists of:

    In-house pattern shop
    Modern machine shop and Testing
    In-house facility backed by Generator
    Wind Power for non-stop production
    Installed capacity 3,600 tons per annum
    Maximum single piece weight 2,100 kg

Pattern Shop

    Pattern shop features highly trained pattern makers from the simple to extremely complex casting design.
    Our patterns ensure accurate casting that meets Customer specifications.
    CNC machined patterns provide close & consistent casting tolerances.
    The Pattern shop is strengthened with dedicated CNC machine for full time pattern making from solid models and Simulation software SOFT CAST 3.5 for methoding.

Molding Process

    Sodium Silicate / CO2 & Resin bonded (No Bake)
    Shell Process

Heat Treatment

    Castlegate has Auto-quenching heat treatment facility with gas and electric fired.


    Full Fledged In-house Fettling
    Arc Cutting
    Gas Cutting
    Dressing Facility-Steel Shot Blaster
    Qualified and Approved sub-Contractors

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